Our certified and trained staff provide the following services to our residents:

Meals are served family-style in our dining room, 3 times a day. The meals are home-cooked, nutritious, and well balanced. Plentiful snacks are available throughout the day and on request. Any and all dietary restrictions are accommodated. We encourage healthy habits, and especially emphasize hydration. 

Any assistance needed with daily activities is provided to our residents. This includes bathing, dressing, toileting and grooming.

Daily administration and management of medications is handled by certified staff, along with strict records, in compliance with the Dept. of Health for the State of Oklahoma. 

Our physician on staff is for consultation and may become a resident's personal physician. He will make monthly house calls to visit his patients in The Heaven House. Our registered nurse sees residents weekly and is available PRN. Our LPN is on duty daily to tend to the residents needs.

Exercise is encouraged each day; twice a week a personal trainer comes to our homes for individual, group activities or games. Once a week a certified activities director comes to the homes to provide a variety of social activities.  This may include studying and discussing current events, a Bible study, art projects, or games. Additionally, music therapy, and art therapy are provided monthly. Scheduled entertainment may include singers or musicians and happens regularly. We offer opportunities for residents to participate in the "chores" of the home. This could include helping put groceries away, setting the table, baking, or sweeping the patio. All these activities are encouraged and give residents a purpose yet they are optional. 

Our staff are trained in the administration of CPR, First Aid and immediate response to incidents of stroke or heart attack. In the case of any such event, emergency care will be summoned immediately. We are located only minutes from Deaconess and Integris Hospitals and residents personal preference for hospital care is respected. An Emergency Action Plan is posted in the house and all staff are aware of the procedure for storms and tornados. All homes are equipped with sprinklers for fire suppression and a monitored alarm that rings directly to the local fire department.